A unique fusion of Old meets New, Rae Fawn has a powerful Soul/R&B sound with a deep timbre reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Fiona Apple, updated by a fresh pop/hip hop vibe that has people grooving to the beat without even realizing it. She has been described as “one of those rare beings that can take a piece of music and allow it to live and grow as art.” Sick of songs that glorify love as self-sacrifice, hers are empowering takes on the swings of dating in the digital age—getting hooked, getting bored, getting drunk, getting mad, getting ghosted, getting dumped, and through trial and error, getting smart about what you want and need to be fulfilled. With fierce honesty, she calls out the dynamics in relationships, using memorable hooks to capture the highs and lows that 20-somethings feel as they learn to give less of a fuck on the road to finding realistic love. And what a ride she delivers. After structuring her signature funky chord progressions around catchy hooks, she layers on captivating vocal harmonies and groovy beats, and just may bust out in an improvisational scat or ad-lib that makes audiences stop dancing long enough to cheer.  

Rae Fawn has been writing music since age 11 and has been performing live for almost as long, first at open mics, then booking regular gigs at music venues in Toronto and Boston. Currently based in Toronto, she graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting and Music Business from Berklee College of Music. She takes the lead in all aspects of song production, from penning poetry to recording and mixing tracks and enjoys co-writing and building on talents in a team. Along with producer Sam Arion, Rae Fawn has recorded the first of four songs for her upcoming debut EP, which will soon be available on all streaming platforms.

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