What does heaven sound like? The answer is complex – complicated; associated, diverse. There is one, and there is many. An answer for the moment, for the later, and for tomorrow, is simple: “What I’m Doing Here,” covered by Rae Fawn. ”

Pump the Beat, New York City

Poetry Jazz Café will be hosting Rae Fawn #Aftrdark for the first time. It will be an intimate evening of live soul, jazz, indie.”

7 Things to Do In Toronto Today, BlogTO

Rae Fawn is one of those rare beings that can take a piece of music and allow it to live and grow as art. While her range and vocal ability would allow her to be self-indulgent in performance, she has always been drawn to singing as art, to the song as deserving of respect and honesty. ”

— Zack Werner, Canadian Idol Judge